last day in Venice

May 26th, 2012

After having 4 cups of coffee with my lovely roommate, Megan, we left the hotel to head to Murano Island where handmade glass is created.  We started with a demonstration on glass blowing techniques and then for the finale he made a glass horse which is the signature piece they make there. I then shopped for a bit and headed off to explore the very tiny island!

We were running late as a group so after only an hour we had to leave to go back to Venice. The first thing we did was go on a gondola ride with all the ladies! We had so much fun and even our guide knew about Tampa Bay and our football team, the Bucs. It was about a forty minute ride and during the ride we came across another group that hired a singer to join their gondola. He had an amazing voice! After that we explored, shopped, and one of the best moments was when I stepped into the Gulf of Venice/Adriatic Sea. It was so cold and kinda thick but it was one of the most exciting moments! At a certain area the gulf becomes the sea, so I am not sure which part I was technically in – but either way, I loved it. Now, I’m back home in Florence after a very long 3 hour bus ride. Tomorrow most of the roommates are going to Cinque Terra, but Megan and I are staying to catch up with our homework and to host a dinner party for our friends.


Next Atlantis?

May 25th, 2012

Once we arrived to Venice, we went off exploring and touring all of the main areas of the island.  Venice has over 400 bridges and there are people boating everywhere and even crab fishing which made me miss my brothers so much. You boys would love it here; I can already see you all in the gondola outfits! Every place we go to just gets better and better.  It’s crazy to think that every year the town sinks and in years from now, the town will be underwater.  It has been a privilege to see it and overall it is a beautiful city and the people are very sweet here.   I wish we could stay longer!

The things I love the most about the city are all the different areas and stores it has to offer.  Practically anywhere you go, you have a water front view and it is amazing to think they built the town literally in mud and it has been able to stand its’ ground for all these years. The food is very expensive, but the other items have been fairly cheap and of course one of a kind.

Our hotel isn’t in Venice which is kinda disappointing, but the hotel has a working tv, hot water WITH water pressure, and even a rooftop pool area… ahhh how I miss those luxuries daily.  After our 4 course meal it is time for bed since we all have an early start tomorrow.