secret bakery

May 23rd, 2012

Last night was incredible.  We went out to our guy friends’ apartment to hangout for a bit then headed out to find a secret bakery.  A secret bakery is simply a place where you can get delicious baked goods anytime after midnight for 50 cents.  It sounds sketchy, but what you have to do is go to the address, knock on the door, a person will take your order, then open the door up 15 minutes later with everything from chocolate croissants to apple pies. You have to be really quiet though, or the neighbors will find water, eggs, or anything else to throw at you for waking them up so late in the night.  We were soaking wet from the rain, numb from the cold but those pastries made it all worthwhile.  (don’t worry joans – a mob of 20 of us went out to get them)

Today started with me and my roommates waking up at 9am and heading out to the local market.  I picked up prosciutto crudo, balsamic drizzle, eggplant, and bread all which I devoured even before lunch time.  I was able to order without using any English, but we still are having a hard time converting the sizes from grams and “ettos” to pounds, so today Kim ended up with over 2 pounds of pasta for herself haha. After the market, we met up with some friends and went to the gelato festival which had just as many gelato flavors as tourists! Most of the festival was a tourist trap and overcrowded, but the prices of gelato were reduced because of the festival.  Next, we explored some more of the town, went shopping for a bit and then sat out in the Santa Croce plaza which is a 2 minute walk from our place.

Dinner tonight was amazing as always since we went back to Ganzo for their special Wednesday pricing.  I absolutely love the people I have met here on the trip.  So many of us have become really good friends and I love that we now have our dinner dates every week! Tonight, we are having a late study date in our living room and eating some fruits and Baccio, which are the Italian version of Hershey kisses. I hope everyone is having a good time back in the states – I miss you all!