settling in

May 14th, 2012

Ciao! Today was spent doing orientations, wine tours, and walking tours – all which were unique and incredible. I felt like less of a tourist today and had my first conversation in Italian (well sort of!). It consisted of me asking where a building was and him replying, in full fast-paced italian mode, then I panicked and said “si, grazie” and walked off not understanding one word haha.

The wine class was really fun. We sampled a Chianti which is the best wine that comes out of Toscana. ¬†I learned what to look for in wine (hold the glass slanted towards the light to look for particles then swoosh it around to see if it is fast paced or not. Fast paced = high alcohol), how to smell the wine to learn about the characteristics of it before I drink it (smell the wine once, then with that smell still fresh in your mind – smell it again. You will notice different scents everytime!) and also how to figure out if it has aged long enough (red wine should show an orange color when you tip the glass towards the light). ¬†Tonight, we had a dinner with the program which was fun hanging out with everyone and then we went down by the river to have some lattes. It’s still really cold here but warmer weather is on it’s way!


“Ciao Bella” count: 8.