Barcelona Part 2

July 12th, 2012

The next days in Barcelona were spent exploring the north side of the city. There is this small church which is on the Tibidabo mountain. The mountain would be an extremely long walk, so instead we took the trolley up to the top and were able to see all of Barcelona. After stopping in a restaurant for a snack which overlooked the city, we then headed over to Las Ramblas to do some shopping. Las Ramblas is one of the biggest shopping streets in Barcelona, and it is geared mainly toward tourists. They have many souvenirs and restaurants, but my favorite part are the street artists. Their work is so incredible!

Sorry for the lack of pictures in the blog. The internet here is horrible! I promise as soon as I get a free day I’ll upload as many as possible.

One Response to “Barcelona Part 2”

  1. Joan Ursini on July 23, 2012 1:42 pm

    Did u know u r supposed to make a wish when u enter a new church for the first time? And yr wish is supposed to be answered. Keep that in mind if u visit any other churchs in the remainder of yr travels.

    So did u buy a painting from a street artist? Imagine if u did and one day u realize he’s become famous & yr painting is worth a ton of money. Hey, we can dream, cant we? That cld be yr wish, right? See, Ive got it all figured out for you. Stranger things have happened before, so u just never know! I can almost see the headlines now. A picture of you, the artist, & yr painting when u r about 40+ talking about how u paid pennies for it & the current value, & how u were just s a college student studying abroad. Then ud tell them how yr grandmothers was just a crazy old lady but it was her idea for u to buy a painting! hahaha Hey maybe that crazy old lady cld end up being foxier than anyone ever realized! That’s probably stretching it a little too much though. Well it’s been fun chatting w you anyway…haha

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