last day in Venice

May 26th, 2012

After having 4 cups of coffee with my lovely roommate, Megan, we left the hotel to head to Murano Island where handmade glass is created.  We started with a demonstration on glass blowing techniques and then for the finale he made a glass horse which is the signature piece they make there. I then shopped for a bit and headed off to explore the very tiny island!

We were running late as a group so after only an hour we had to leave to go back to Venice. The first thing we did was go on a gondola ride with all the ladies! We had so much fun and even our guide knew about Tampa Bay and our football team, the Bucs. It was about a forty minute ride and during the ride we came across another group that hired a singer to join their gondola. He had an amazing voice! After that we explored, shopped, and one of the best moments was when I stepped into the Gulf of Venice/Adriatic Sea. It was so cold and kinda thick but it was one of the most exciting moments! At a certain area the gulf becomes the sea, so I am not sure which part I was technically in – but either way, I loved it. Now, I’m back home in Florence after a very long 3 hour bus ride. Tomorrow most of the roommates are going to Cinque Terra, but Megan and I are staying to catch up with our homework and to host a dinner party for our friends.


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