June 13th, 2012

Today was another day without classes which meant a day spent doing more papers and relaxing.  Instead of having a complete day off, I had to go to a meeting with a class at a company called Confindustria.

What do you think of when you see a product with the label “made in Italy”? Typically we think it’s good quality.  Well Confindustria is an organization which controls companies that put “made in Italy” on their products.  Their job is to ensure the consumers are getting the best quality since it is representing Italian culture and goods.  The organization has been around for over a thousand years now and they are in charge of 135,000 businesses globally.  Typically they don’t let students or anyone from the public meet with them but our teacher pulled some strings and got us in.  Everyone was very nice and they brought us out food and answered any possible questions that we had.  After we sat and talked to the Director for a good 30 minutes which was a very pleasant surprise.

On a side note: officially ten days left in Italia. I’m sad to leave but happy to get back all at the same time.  I started packing my souvenirs too hoping that I could fit everything in my one bag.. we will see later how that goes!

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